Saturday, November 8, 2008

Where is Bolinas?

It's hard to find Bolinas, CA. It is rumored that the locals keep taking down the signs that would direct people from the main road into town. We passed by it and had to backtrack, checking our map. The only hint, the street sign that says Olema-Bolinas Road. But after a few hundred yards from that turn, there is a T-intersection with an official yellow traffic sign -- with an arrow pointing in both directions. Which way to town? Your guess is as good as ours.

After finding Bolinas and parking our vehicle, we strolled the main street with the intention to stop in a few shops and have some lunch. I didn't doubt the rumors of inhospitable townsfolk when the shop clerk of the first place I walked in started ordering me around -- please, don't close the door but open it just a little (is this the right angle, mam?) and after I walked over a discolored floor mat she instructed me to wipe my feet on the wood floor. I left quickly...

It got nicer after that but I don't think that the town was as friendly as Stinson and certainly not as inviting as we have found Point Reyes Station. We had a great lunch at the Coastal Cafe and I had a special visit in Emmeline's Watercolor Studio -- and apartment; the artist from Provence.


marissa said...

I was excited to finally catch up with your travels. Havent had much chance to lately with being too busy at both work and home.
As always, I am enthrolled by the pictures that you post! And am entertained by the wonderful stories of the people and places along your journey.

Barbara said...

Thanks -- for your catching up and your comment. Even when little time for thoughtful writing, posting photos captures some of the feel of our trip.
Keep me posted on your upstate NY doings.

Patrick said...

Dear Barbara and Alan,
It certainly looks like a dream year! I have so much to catch up on. I need more time than this evening to view your fine photography and read your delightful blog. Thanks for sharing with us all, I'll write soon, Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Love Sharon