Friday, November 14, 2008

Getting Tired of the Coast?

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Are you, dear reader, getting tired of the California coast? Does it look like we are?
Spent a few days in Santa Cruz, went to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium, traveled more down the coast today with a stop in the ritzy town of Carmel -- not one house in all the area real estate listings was under three-quarters of a million dollars AND an advertisement in a lifestyles magazine for the rich and famous described the preserve with lots for sale as where, "fathers would teach their sons to putt and mothers would teach their daughters to ride." Certainly, a different stratosphere than we live in.
Riding down Highway 1 while filming of a car was being done in the other lane. Maybe we'll see the Roadtrek in an upcoming movie.
Now in Big Sur -- where it is lovely. But they had bad fires this past June and are concerned about how rains this winter may cause floods and road closures.

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