Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Beach Collage 1


Beach Collage 1 - She Drew A Line in the Sand
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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this collage! All of these pics look exquisitely feminine. Absolutely gorgeous!

Jackie G.

Barbara said...

Hey Jackie,

Thanks. I hadn't thought about the photos being feminine -- but I guess they are. I was interested in their fluidity and the theme of "drawing a line in the sand." Also just playing on the beach -- took a couple of hundred photos on the last few morning walks and also experimenting with Picasa (photo program) options.
How are you?

Rebecca said...

This is gorgeous, mom. I am impressed.

Becky said...

Nice work on th collage, but I thought caught a glimpse of another one, when I went back to look again, it was gone. I know your strive for perfection, but I loved the other collection too! Happy Thanksgiving!

Barbara said...


It is always a special compliment when It comes from you.
Wish we were together a bit to share some of the photography and digi layout (and my problems with Photoshop).

Barbara said...


You sure are quick and observant!
I did post another collage first. I didn't like that Picasa duplicated some photos in the collage so I tried again for the correct number. I would like to have easier tools to switch the placement of photos in the collage layout but I only know how to use the basic function.