Sunday, November 16, 2008

PS Carmel & Big Sur

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I forgot some things…

Real Estate
Last entry I wrote about the three-quarter million dollar fixer-uppers. Then I got this card – this must have been before the bubble burst.

Beach Weather
We walked to the beach at Carmel. It was 78 degrees out. Elementary school groups were eating their lunch out on the sand.

No High Heels and No Lap Dogs
A Carmel street map – the colorful foldout freebies bordered by ads – had a column with area tidbits. One said that there was an ordinance that outlawed wearing high heels in the town! All I know is that I didn’t see anyone wearing them – feet were fit mostly with flat sandals, water shoes, and sneakers.

It was also not a lap dog kind of town. Spotted a few Steinbeck-inspired full-sized poodles and other large black dogs of various kinds.

Local Sightings
A local magazine had a column of sightings. Down the coast I’ve read helpful pieces like about where the otters are or viewpoints of the migrating monarchs. So I laughed after I realized this paper was writing about different species – I found out that Tom and Katie and Barbra S had all been spotted in Carmel this week.

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