Sunday, November 16, 2008

Beachfront - The Story

Right now at a campground at Morro Beach. We drive slowly down the coast -- especially when it's my turn behind the wheel on windy, curvy, cliffhanging Highway 1. With incredible "vista points" so a driver can stop and appreciate the ocean views.

This campground is directly across the street from the beach. Alan and I walked over earlier (last two photos in last entry from there)and enjoyed watching the surfers.
This campground has all the amenities -- including good cell phone and internet, hot showers, electricity and water and dumping, and cable TV. We don't need all these all the time...but sometimes it's a treat.

Going South
This written yesterday in word processing program.
Two top photos below entry are from this campground -- our view and me sitting outside the van playing with watercolors.

Left our Big Sur campground this morning. Passed Esalen – but didn’t stop there. Thought we’d drive onto Morro Bay. But about halfway there, we found here! A National Forest campground (Kirk Creek in Los Padres NF) facing the ocean. We heard that it was very windy here yesterday but it is lovely today – warm and sunny, and calm.
It was before noon and we had plenty of energy if we wanted to drive further. But why would we? This is a great and special place to find.

There is a little traffic because people drive into the campground and around the loops looking for an empty campsite – which there are none. But there isn’t an active management here so no one puts up a sign that says “full.” You pay for your campsite by filling out an envelope form and putting it with cash payment into a locked container.

There are no services except for toilets and bathroom sinks. No electricity or water, certainly no cable or internet (I’ll send this the next time I’m online). And we are fine in our cozy, self-contained van.

And I’ve been BUSY since we got here. I made a large luscious fruit salad for lunch, took the trail over a creek and down to the rocky beach, played with watercolors, read, and now just having a great time typing away at my outdoor table while being inspired by the water.

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