Wednesday, November 12, 2008

On California Time

Last time I emailed some of you, we were in Olema -- near Point Reyes -- and we were going to move on that morning. We didn't! After the election and celebrating for the president-elect, we stayed on in the by day. Stayed there five days and had one of the best days on the trip:

We drove out to Pierce Point Ranch and hiked out to Tomales Point (photos in a previous entry), approx 9 1/2 mile loop, lovely weather, just enough other hikers to make it feel not too other-worldly, horseback riders, and free roaming elk. Incredible shoreline, the inevitable birds on rocks and birds flapping and diving trying to catch the sweet spot of hovering (someone else could better describe it both aesthetically and the physics of it).

On the way back to our campsite we stopped at a roadside store, Spirit Matters. When I was in this area in May 2007 it was always closed when my friend Susan and I drove by but I had stopped to take photos of its yard full of Buddha and Kwan Yin statues and prayer flags and stone benches.

Being inside this time was even better than the outside...and Alan and I chatted with the owner...and when I mentioned that I also collect Kwan Yin sculptures (the goddess of compassion) she invited us into her inner sanctum -- and area with her own work in progress (altering sculptures that were broken, with paint and other symbolic embellishments) and into her house where she had personal altars. Over an hour went by...definitely CA time.

That stop was followed by the evening at our campsite. Speaking to our daughter via Skype (online connection) and reading emails and a simple dinner onboard. We both watched TV shows on our computers.

Every morning we would ask each other -- where do you want to go? What's the weather going to be like? Want to stay?

The last day in that area was rainy and we explored Bolinas and Stinson Beach.

Now we are in Santa Cruz. I lived here for a few months in 1975 and yesterday went to the bookstore I had briefly worked in.

Last night we went to check in at a campground that we found in one of our directories. And decided to cancel the reservation (only second time this trip)-- it was a parking lot, tight spaces, near a noisy road and depressing. For a bit more money, we are now in a spacious campground, out of the way, surrounded by trees.
This morning I saw a hummingbird in a large salvia bush and I ate my breakfast out on the picnic table.

We are still moving on CA time. It is after ten am and Alan is first going out for his run and I am considering going to take my shower -- soon.
Leisure ain't so bad!!
After that I think I'll go read and then to the beach. Or the reverse. Who knows?


Andrew said...

welcome to my life. it's tougher than it sounds, trying to decide which beautiful and nearby spot to visit at any given point, or which of the myriad outdoor activities to participate in, which delicious foods to eat, ad infinitum. it is exhausting, let me tell you...

Barbara said...

I sympathize with you and your plight, poor Andrew. But in reality, you fit work around all this and our only structure is these choices -- and figuring out where to stay.

It was great seeing you and I am glad that you are reading/commenting again!