Monday, November 17, 2008

Morro Bay

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Our campground info. says:

"There is a towering 576 foot guard standing watch over Morro Bay Harbor. Some have dubbed it 'The Gibraltar of the Pacific.' Locally it is known as Morro Rock and is the last in a chain of long-extinct volcanoes known as 'The Morros."

Pretty it is and anchors the town and beach. Right out our back door -- through the gate and over the dune and there it is. If I stand on our picnic table I can see the rock and the water...but most of the time, we'll just walk over.
This is our second night here with reservations for one more night and the possibility of a few more after that. Depending on the weather. It was in the high 70s today and we hope to go kayaking tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Barbara and Alan,
All these pics and descriptions of your trip are just awesome, we do keep track... had to have Rebecca show me how to leave a comment since I forgot my password to do this again..and finding the time with work being busy is hard. I hate being on this thing at night at home after all day at work.
It is good to see you guys really enjoying your trip. We are loving peeking every week or so to see where your adventures have taken you. Have fun!! Tami and tracy

Barbara said...

Thanks for checking in -- and relearning how to leave a comment!
We think about all of you back home and even get a little homesick and envision ourselves there...the But is, when I envision it, it is with the weather we are having here -- not the NE reality!
So, guess we'll continue to follow the sun.