Monday, November 3, 2008


Met Carol, the lively editor of, at Book Group Expo (BGE) last week. She wrote about our meeting in the latest enewsletter edition:

"I also had the pleasure to meet a longtime reader of ours, Barbara Heller, who with her husband has taken a year off and they are traveling around the country in a 22-foot van. She was just fun to talk to. She has been dealing with space issues in the van and thus was carrying a Kindle. During Garth Stein’s talk she downloaded his book right onto it, of course prompting my thought that authors cannot sign Kindle books! She also won a HUGE gift basket over the weekend and has a fun blog piece about it and the weekend here."

So, if you have gotten here through Carol's link, greetings. And you might jus want to skip past the dental issue post and onto the two entries about BGE.
Would love to hear from you with comments or questions, either here on the blog or via email (

I am a subscriber to the free enewsletter, Bookreporter, because it turns me on to a bunch of new reads (even though I skip some of the genres -- like current thrillers) and has good reviews and contests and publishing gossip. Also is a hub to other book-related sites including Check it out!

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Heather J. said...

Me again! Since you mentioned that you're a subscriber to Carol's newsletter, I just wanted you to know that I'm the same Heather Johnson who writes for

Ok, I'll go back to work now. :)