Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Frisbee Golf VS Shuffleboard

Judgmental I am and then I wonder...why do I rate frisbee golf "better" than shuffleboard?
At the expensive RV park we stayed in outside Naples, FL, a featured morning activity was the women's shuffleboard tournament. Let's just say...I missed it. I was in the shower and getting ready to leave.

Then it was another land-travel-across-the-state day -- Alan driving the van and towing the boat -- we found this lovely county park to stay in for a few days, Easterlin Park in Broward County. More trees, less people, same amount of dog walkers, no shuffleboard, and a few duos, male, tossing discs around. On some sort of golf course area with tees and baskets. So what's with this? Why am I discriminating?

Now you know where we are. Some of the van/boat logistics are challenging. We'll leave here Thursday to travel south to the Keys for a week of boating.
We'll keep you posted.
What's happening where you are?
And our northeastern friends, how are you faring with this lion of a March?


Heather J. said...

Here in Maryland my house got 6 inches of snow, but father east there was up to 10 inches. My son enjoyed the day off school but I had to brave the weather to get to work (late, but I got there). Luckily the office closed early b/c the snow just kept coming long after it was supposed to stop.

I hope you two know how lucky you are to be in such lovely weather down there. :)

Barbara said...

We do!!

And when I sometimes get homesick, I remember the icy and cold conditions we faced when we came home for two weeks in February.
Glad we're not going back up again till May.

Andrew said...

Frisbee golf is fun. It requires very minimal equipment (just the frisbees at a minimum) and more established courses are nothing more than some metal baskets and "tee boxes". it's got a tiny fraction of the environmental impact that a ball golf course has. not to mention the greens fees!

The only shuffleboard I've ever played was indoors, at a bar. It worked like bocce ball played on only one axis. I liked it as well. but then, I have a predilection for "put the object on the target" games....

Barbara said...

You know more about frisbee golf than I do. AND I agree with your evaluation that it is less environmentally harmful than standard golf. I also like how people walk the course (don't use carts) and I think it may have the feel of what golf used to be.

I don't know anything about the correlation between frisbee golf and drinking -- more or less than official golf?

Andrew said...

I can't speak for the relative correlation. I have never personally lugged beers around a disc golf course but I know it is a common occurrence from the contents of the recycling bins placed around the courses. I can't speak for ball golf as I've played a total of two or three holes in my life. both games are incredibly frustrating and while drinking may mitigate that frustration it definitely does NOT improve play....

SouthernHiker.com said...

I just played the Easterlin Disc Golf Course today as I camp my way down (or planned to camp my way down) the east coast of Florida to the Keys. Easterlin was a very fun course, but very tough, especially if this is the first time you have played it.

Other great "beach" locations to play are in Miami, Daytona, and St. Simons, Georgia.

I'm trying to play my way down the coast as well, and will be doing one of the three courses in Miami this week. Check out the PDGA site for courses in your area.