Saturday, February 28, 2009

In With the Big Rigs



Towing our boat, we expand from a 22 foot van to an approximately 50 feet combined vehicle...and need large space at an RV park. Now the big rigs don't look so big.
But RV parks can still be strange places...
when we arrived tonight there was a 4 pm Happy Hour, the "horse race" in the photo (guess one can only participate after getting happy) and square dancing at 5 PM.

When we stopped in an RV park in Savannah, I enjoyed checking out the crafters and watching a watercolor painting workshop. I reported to Alan that when I asked "where are the men, what are they doing?" One woman responded, "I think my husband is doing Sudoku this morning and will play shuffleboard this afternoon."

So when we come home, should we invite you over for horse racing and shuffleboard?
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