Tuesday, March 17, 2009

sailors & beach waking





from Bahia Honda
first photo -- those small silvery jellyfish are "deceased" but the odd puffy thing held by the ranger is a man-of-war -- which can be a true super-villain. Even if you try to steer clear of them in the water, their tentacles octopus out....to about twenty-five feet. When Alan went snorkeling with a tour boat last week, I didn't go -- the water was too cold and rough for me. Four folks got seasick and a man was stung on his bald spot by a man-of-war.
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Heather J. said...

We always see lots of large Man-of-War along the shore near Boynton Beach, FL (where my grandparents live). Luckily I've never been stung, b/c they are EVERYWHERE.

Gretchen said...

When I saw the first picture all I could think of was 'why is she taking pictures of condoms?"

I remember very large jellyfish off the coast of Maine, dinner plate size on the surface. The water was much too cold for swimming so we didn't worry about them.

Barbara said...

So the two of you know what I am talking about!

And, funny you should mention the condom connection. I didn't see that so much with the jellyfish but with other men-of-war that I saw on the beach. Specifically, a blue bloated one.