Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Third Part Begins with Provisioning

The Dream Year seems to be a three-part harmony. Starting with our great cross-country trip out west in the Roadtrek (aka the van, the RV), this mid-section of going back home and then spending special time with family and friends in FL., ending with a boat trip north on the ICW -- from FL towards Virginia -- which starts tomorrow!

We are in a county campground moving stuff from the RV to the boat with plans to put the van with the boat trailer in storage and launch the boat from Hobie Sound.

Looking forward to the adventure but reluctant to give up my landlubber living in our small traveling home.

And one might wonder about the order of things...
as far as living space (but not by the calendar and weather) it would have made more sense to begin in the boat and then move into the van, which then would have felt so spacious.

Alan and I continue to share this small RV space well...but we are moving into an even smaller space with less amenities. Less bathroom, less kitchen, much less storage, etc.

But we'll have our own "front porch" or, depending on how you look at it, back long as the weather is good, we spend a lot of time in the cockpit, piloting, eating, reading, relaxing, water and sky watching.

One of the things both of us like about boating is that you approach towns and neighborhoods from the back, rather than the front. Backyards can be more telling -- sometimes prettier, sometimes more cluttered (toys and laundry), less trafficked and just more personal.

We'll keep you posted!
What's up where you are?
Is spring welcoming you?


Rebecca said...

The first crocus was up when I returned! Spring is officially here and the screen doors are on (though I'll wait a bit longer to remove the storm windows and start hanging out outside in my bathing suit).

Alan said...

so you brought some sun home with you....enjoy...and if you have the time/inclination, I would love to see some photos of the crocus and other signs of spring
(from dad's computer)