Tuesday, March 17, 2009

FL Update

Really enjoyed the both parks and marinas we stayed at in the Keys -- Pennekamp and Bahia Honda.
Then we returned to the Miami area to begin two weeks of activities with family and friends. Stayed at Black Point State Park and Marina and had a delightful conversation with the dockmaster there. Only problem -- the wonderful all-outdoors restaurant there gets raucous. We had been used to sleeping with the boat open...catch the breezes, see the night sky (had fabulous full moon) but if we did that at this marina, we'd get loud lousy music and a greasy french fry smell. So slept with hatch closed and the AC on.

And now, Alan and I have parted ways.

We are not together --
for a week. Pre-planned and fun.

We both liked the idea of him keeping to his annual tradition of boating with a couple of his close friends. Donald and Isaac flew down and the three of them are now off on an adventure.

I am staying with my brother and sister-in-law in their lovely home in Naples, FL. Although I wondered what I would do here for a week...it seems like we won't have time to take advantage of all the wonderful possibilities.
Yesterday the three of us rode bikes about five and a half miles through Naples, lunched at the great Dock Restaurant, and then biked back (I find pedaling after eating more difficult).

Today I was a solo woman of leisure -- went for a haircut, to the library and out to lunch, and a matinee. Finally saw (and loved) Slumdog Millionaire.

More activities planned -- I get to go to a collage class with my artist, sister-in-law Phyllis and to a gallery opening.
I'll post some of her paintings.... but you can also check out her website.


Anonymous said...


You have AC ... on the boat !!!

Best wishes,

Tyler's Dad

Rebecca said...

Hey tech lady, what happened to posting links as hyperlinks?

Just highlight the text you want to make into the link, and click the icon with what looks like a little globe and a chain link, and it will give you a spot to paste or type the url.

Barbara said...

Re: the AC
I'll try to remember to photograph it next time I am on the boat and we are using it. It is one of Alan's innovative cobblings...

Barbara said...

Thanks for the reminder walk-through.
I had tried the steps I thought were correct for a few entries back...and stopped in frustration when it didn't work.
I'll try this...or maybe just wait for you to show me again.