Tuesday, March 3, 2009

We Love Comments!!

We love hearing from you including your emails about your doings and response to this blog. But we'd like to hear from more of you, if you'd like to stop just peeking...I've copied an old post (from May) describing the ease of the posting process. Really, it's easy.

Dear Readers,

We really like the responses that we have already been getting about our recently inaugurated travel blog. Some people comment directly on the blog and some in personal emails to us. Both are encouraged and appreciated. But there have been questions about how to comment directly on the blog. And when Alan said he didn't know how to access people's comments, I realized that I should explain.

Under each blog entry, on the lower right-hand corner there is a link, in small blue letters, "comments."
It will have a number in front of it. If you look at the posts now, you will see a few have "0" and a few have a number. The entry, A Packer's Lament, presently has "7."

Click on the "comments" and you can read the comments that people have written and/or post your own.

It is easier than it looks. Here's what to do:

Type your comment into the box on the right hand side of the page (where it says "Leave Your Comment").
Complete the "word verification" -- just a precaution for the blog not to receive spam.

Then click on one of the options under "Choose Your Identity."
The easiest one is: Name/URL
You can fill in any name you want...Probably your first name is best. (You do not need a URL to post -- you can leave the field blank if you don't have one or don't want to share it. If you do have a blog or website of your own, this would be the place to enter the web address.)

If you would like a direct response from myself or Alan, please check back later in the comments for our response, or be sure to include your email address in the body of the comment if we do not already have it.

Finally, be sure to click on the "Publish Your Comment" button when you are finished. Please only click once, even if you do not see your comment appear immediately, as it sometimes takes a few minutes for the page to update.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Barbara,
Was thinking of you so I thought I'd check on your trip. I'd say you've become quite the photoghrapher!!! Really love your collages of ocean items.!! By the way, by the looks of you,I think your trip is definetely agreeing with you!!!!!!!!! Deb H.