Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FL - Bonita Springs Art League Class


My artist sister-in-law Phyllis is taking a wonderful class about...collage, installation, creativity, with the incredible side-effect of creating an interesting and supportive great of women artists.

The assignment for this particular class session was to create three projects using fabric -- one piece that would be exhibited on the floor, one on a wall, and one from the ceiling. Diversity of responses. And the "artist at the easel" -- was one woman's combined answer to this challenge -- Lulu, the painter, hung from a strap while working on a canvas on the easel, with a decorated floorcloth beneath.

Phyllis, my s-i-l, is pictured sitting at home working on her woven bowl project. The finished piece -- with a handwritten note about the sharing of arts and crafts, asked the viewer to participate, as the woman in the bright pink shirt is doing by knitting a row on the collaborative project. And the bright-pink shirted woman also created the bright pink hanging.

And Grace is pictured with her wall project and that hanging scarf mobile is hers too.

All fun and truly inspiring. As the instructor, Jennie, summed up -- these artists are now empowered to create without obstacles of presentation.
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