Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Crapper Intrusions.They Stink!


There is much to be said about semi-communal living and the sharing of public spaces like campground bathrooms. Some are just small events that one doesn't anticipate. Like the snarly dog edging into the cubicle I was sitting in this morning from under the next stall. My request that the owner pull her dog back seemed to wake her.

Then there are the signs, literal signs.
Some of you may remember the one of the tsunami alarm.
Alan doesn't like campground notices about food. Inviting one to an Ice Cream Social or BBQ.

There is not much graffiti in the public bathrooms we frequent but there is more and more paid advertising. I lifted the bad pun in my title from the ad with the man with his head popping out of the toilet in the poster. Can you read it?
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Bob and Katie said...

Barb and Alan,
That is kind of scarey! A dog coming under the partition! I have been collecting pictures from various bathrooms for a special blog entry sometime in the future. (i.e., please don't use baby oil in shower, etc.). Take care, Bob (and Katie)

Barbara said...

Greetings...I'm waiting to see those photos....You two have as many stories as we do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara
After a while I decided to see where you are now and surprised to see you on a boat now - in Florida!!!
Love the picture!

Anonymous said...

Ahh better a snarly dog than a polticians waving foot!