Sunday, March 8, 2009

Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, Key Largo FL

I am sitting in the van in the parking lot next to the JPennycamp Marina.
Alan is going out on the boat with a lovely couple from the Boston area in their 30s who we met here. She's a clinical social worker and he is an author of young adult novels and a fiction writing instructor.
(Check out his website:
I'd have bought his books today but alas, they are not available in ebook/Kindle version).
I don't want to be out on the boat today but will probably go kayaking later with Alan like I have done for the last two days. Beautiful calm protected waters for small boats but they will be out in bigger waters.
We will probably come back here when Rebecca is visiting in two weeks.

Yesterday was an incredibly lovely day.
Our upstate NY friend, Eve is down visiting with family and she and her sister and brother-in-law came to spend the day. I had prepared a picnic lunch. They didn't want to go out on the big boat but four of us went kayaking. Eve's sister was initially reluctant and Alan is great encouraging folks with those hesitations. Now she loves kayaking and would go again and would buy one, etc.!!
She and Alan went out in our inflatable and Eve and I rented a two-person sit-upon.
(I left my camera in the van).

Later we got a recommendation for a restaurant from the man who runs the marina and it was great. Sundowner in Key Largo. The whole thing including a small band singing about the sun going down as we were watching it from an incredible vantage point, at an outdoor table. (Photo below) The fish dinners were very good and Alan and I are doing a test-taste of key lime pies....
We wonder if there is a company named "Best" who distributes to all the restaurants in the Keys because so many places have signs -- Best Key Lime Pie.

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