Friday, March 6, 2009

One if By Land and Two if by Sea

One, we have the RV with us and two, the boat is in the water.

We are lazing the day away at John Penneycamp FL State Park in Key Largo, FL. Alan and I were here together about thirty years ago. That time I got seasick when we took a snorkeling tour -- a story for another time.

This time, we called last week to get reservations and were told that the campground was full and that most reservations had been made approximately a year ago! So, Alan thought to call the marina here in the park and they had space for us. In addition, each boater is allowed parking space in the lot right in front of the marina building for their vehicle and boat trailer.
Good deal for us.

These days feel more vacationesque than a lot of the first part of our trip. Vacationesque in the sense of...we just do what we would usually fit in between all the living of a normal day. Taking a walk, making lunch and eating a leisurely picnic, some chores, reading, writing emails. The time it takes to do them expands.

It is windy, with small craft advisories -- which translates to too rough for me to be comfortable out on the water. We did inflate our kayak and paddled through protected waters this morning.

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