Monday, April 27, 2009

Home Again and Still the Dream Year

Arrived in Afton on Saturday morning, a glorious one at that. (You can thank us for bringing the good weather with us!)
Lovely to be here...perfect time...the hope of spring.
Alan already jumped into doing projects like mending the garden fence and tilling.
I am slower in that area. Unpacking and organizing will take me awhile.

We are spending time with family and friends.

You know, this Dream Year doesn't officially end till the end of May.
The transition home and new choices and plans are part of it...
so stick around. I'll be writing more.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home.

Tyler's Dad

Barbara said...

It's wonderful and -- a bit disorienting.
Enjoying reconnecting with folks and reacquainting myself with the house and land...and trying not to jump into new projects too quickly!

mike said...

Nice to hear all is well and you both are home safe.. I will see you this summer .
and please come back soon ...
love mike

Barbara said...

can't wait till you visit here, Mike -- and me thinks that will certainly be before we are back in FL!