Thursday, April 2, 2009

Scenes from the Water



Great to explore the sights walking distance from the marina.
We could have taken the shuttle into the shopping area but preferred strolling over to the Museum of Art. One of the main exhibits, Navigators, seemed apropos of the Dream Year. An exhibit of the works of Marc Petrovic, it was engaging visually and verbally -- through the words/sentiments that accompanied his pieces:

We are all navigators, travelers on our journey between waypoints.

We, as vessels, have times in our life when we pick up and move onto
a new phase in our life, a new body of water.

Marc is a glassworker and a mixed-media artist. The pieces shown all were backed with nautical charts and lined with glass shelves that held bottles, bubbles, boats, and shells all made of glass. Since pictures can be worth a thousand words, just click this link to see his website and work.
We left land in the late morning.
If you traveled from 11:30 am till 4:15 pm, how far would you go?
We traversed all of 34 miles during that time.

Generally it is slow boating on the ICW. We motored most of the day and due to slight winds, we had our sail up only for a short time. The weather was changeable…started out overcast, the wind was going our way which is good for forward motion but also intensified the 90-degree heat and humidity.

The waterway varies in width along the ICW and was pretty narrow all the way; land is easily in sight. We saw rows of bland Mac-mansions, lines of more modest homes fronting trafficked roads paralleling the ICW, stretches of lush bush, sand bars and small islands, water birds in the mangroves, osprey nests, small fishing boats with their groupie pelicans all gathering their catch , other “sticks” and many “stinkpots” (the nicknames of sailboats and motorboats).

It became choppier, windier, and started to sprinkle. And just as we were pulling into the channel to dock at the marina, those threatening clouds opened. It poured, really poured, we were drenched, sopping…and good-natured about it.
We dried off, it cleared up, and we ate dinner at the dockside restaurant.
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