Saturday, April 11, 2009

Jekyll Island, GA


Another Georgian Island, more inhabited (but restricted development) and similar history of the rich building "cottages" which were mansions.

First photo is of one of the island hotels. We had bicycled from the marina to this historic district. Ate lunch on the wide veranda (although I wasn't dressed for it -- more sailor-grunge than southern belle
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Next three photos are of us with our new travel friends, Char and Steve, on their boat Namaste.
Char is giving my conch-shell lessons but she was the pro -- blowing the "horn" as the sunsets-- a skill they learned during their three months in the Bahamas.

Steve puttered over in their reliable motored dinghy to take us to their boat for dinner. Lovely time.

Theirs is an ocean-going vessel. 36 foot Cape Dory. In addition to size, their boat is over three times the weight of our boat (4000 lbs to 17,000 lbs) making it much more stable. Less rocking and bouncing anchored out then we feel at dock.

Hoping to meet up with them again...which is more probable than meeting up with road-trip friends. Here on the ICW we are all following the same course!


lois said...

workshopYou just left my shop and you brightened my whole day!!! I knew you would want to know... Have a safe trip... Lois
color me happy
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Barbara said...

Thanks for the comment! Great stopping and your energy and what you are doing at the store. You have a nice blog too -- if you comment again on another blog entry, why don't you include the link?