Friday, April 10, 2009

Georgia On My Mind


Part of yesterday's wonders...Alan already wrote about the challenges...was stopping at Cumberland Island.
I love islands as much as I love caves and this one has a rich and not-always-lovely past. If I could illustrate it, I would use overlays like in old books. There were the native Indians, and then the British and Spanish, there were the rich-and-famous from Nathaniel Greene's crowd to the Carnegies, and there was also slave trade and cotton plantations. And now...overseen by the National Park...there are trails, wild horses, and the ruins of the mansions.

Our boat at the dock...from the serene scene, you can't tell that it was a hairy landing. Was very choppy and a large wake from a passing boat while I was forward with a bow line and Alan was on dock and almost couldn't hold the line to the boat...with me on it.
But calm and beautiful on the island. We skipped the Ranger talk and explored.
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Anonymous said...

Very Cool pics.. where is this island exactly???

Barbara said...

Cumberland Island, GA.