Friday, April 24, 2009

The End of the Line - Almost





from SC

First photo of us with our friends Char and Steve in Beaufort; they are traveling the ICW on their 36 foot sailboat, Namaste.

Second photo of our Roadtrek van with the boat trailer.
We had driven a rental car to FL to pick it up and we were on our way back to SC.

Last two in Charleston at the Mega-Dock at the City Marina. We were pretty far down the 3000 foot dock and our boat could barely be a mascot (or dinghy) for those BFBs -- uhhh, big boats.

This is where we pulled out just yesterday morning. And our timing was good..we had been thinking about boating further north. Our friends and others are delayed -- many bridges are closed in the NC area due to the wildfires.
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Anonymous said...

hello to both ,
just a note to say how nice it was to keep up with your travels.
and I hope your trip home is uneventful. I look forward to seeing you both this summer. and hopefully do some sailing and pick at your garden,
it was great to spend time with you both and hope we do more of that
love michael

michael said...

hello barbara,
you had said I could post my letter on your blog is this where I cut and paste it to ???

Barbara said...

Hi Mikey (?),
we both enjoyed our time with you and look forward to seeing you here in the summer for boating and garde picking and other activities. Let's figure out dates soon as (believe it or not) the summer is filling up.

And re: your post. I posted it on April 19.If youd like to again, you certainly can here. But I thought that being a regular entry might get some response.
Have you checked out HARO yet?


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