Sunday, April 12, 2009

Along the Way


Took a short hop from Jekyll Island to Brunswick, GA....about ten miles, north on the ICW and then down a side channel.
An hour and a half of threatening skies, heavy chop and spray, dealing with the wake of larger boats,,,,see us both hunkered down for some piloting. It was actually quite nice and the weather turned lovely, albeit continued heavy winds, once we arrived.

We wouldn't have known to stop at the small Farmer's Market, somewhat hidden but close by, if we didn't get such a long rap and multi-page handout at the marina office about all the local to-dos. (Each town marina handles the intro differently -- some give a map or a folder, some give none, and depending on who is behind the counter dictates what kind of advice you get).

Highly recommended was Earlleen's booth at the Farmer's Market. Earlleen's crabcakes, buttermilk pie, sweet potato pie, and cream cheese poundcake made for a great picnic lunch. Her booth with food and teddy bears is pictured.

Followed by a walk around the historic district....with stops and chats at Hattie's Books, Color Me Happy - Paint Your Own Pottery, art studios, library, etc....the town was pretty quiet the day before Easter.

(Lois, a co-owner of Color Me Happy, a few years younger than me, went to HS just a couple of miles from where I did. The box in front of her is full of her hand-painted gift certificates, great idea, and also used at an art gallery with classes next door. I like how the woman business owners collaborate -- two of the book groups that meet at Hattie's serve food and have been eating on paper plates. The plan is for over twenty women from those groups to go over to Color Me Happy and paint new plates -- definitely a classier presentation for the women who share cookbooks and recipes!

We were disappointed that the evening performance of the play "Waiting for Oprah" (with performances on Saturday evenings from March through May) was cancelled. The intimate stage and seating was in a large back room of an art gallery. Smaller than Cider Mill but with the same idea -- coffee and dessert served. Capacity of thirty people.

I did think we might get to see some local theater during our travels this year. But other than the Ashland Oregon Festival (fabulous; I saw three plays in three days!) we have either been a day or two late or a day or two early.
It would have taken much more planning than we wanted to do...this trip has been one of spontaneity and of stumbling upon new opportunities, which has suited us well.
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