Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Merry Month of May





A lovely month home..getting reacquainted and resettled. With friends and family. House projects. Etc.
Photos are of some of our activities...a hike/stroll that Alan and I took with Eve and Stan at a state park. Lots of bugs but also great spring wildflowers; Rebecca when she and I went to the first Bainbridge Open Air Market of the season (an annual ritual/favorite); at our Memorial Day weekend potluck with our neighbors; and books for sale at the Bibliobarn, outside of Hobart, a town trying to model itself on a british booktown.

Our sabbatical officially ends this week. It's been a year... a wonderful one. Difficult to summarize. I hope to create a digital photo and word chronicle this winter -- using some of the blog photos and some of the other thousands of snapshots we took and have on our computers!

Alan and I will both be working out of the Afton office. I will also be seeing clients in Binghamton. Because we sold our building when we left (after being there approx 25 years!), I will be working out of an office at another established psychotherapy practice.

Looking forward to it all, appreciating it all, the times we had, the present transition, the times to come.
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