Friday, April 17, 2009

Southern Charm and Southern Character




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Enjoying a few beautiful days in Beaufort, SC -- that's beau-- fort, pronounced like beautiful
(compared with Beaufort, NC, which is pronounced Bow-fort).
The marina is part of the lovely downtown waterfront park and a block from the historic area.

We don't usually take historical tours...because we find them boring. Often a well-meaning but poorly trained person droning on in a monotone...about this period of history or that local family.
But we took the real deal with a real character, who knows he's a character. Jon Sharp's Walking History -- highly recommended if you are ever in beautiful Beaufort. (Click to get to his website.)

Beginning with Jon's story of his seasickness and shipwreck after one February day at sea decades ago...which led to his landing and loving this area to his interesting and dramatic details of the american wars and weather, Jon is fun to walk his words:

"Soon after Columbus discovers the New World, a Spanish sea captain sails into what, one day, will be Port Royal Sound and claims 'Santa Elena' for Spain. Then the great pageant of America is played out here in Beaufort, as the Spanish, French, English and Indians battle relentlessly for her. You will hear of Indian wars, massacres, pirates, slaves, planters wealthy beyond belief, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, a great fire, a catastrophic hurricane, and the wonderful stories of the incredibly brave and tenacious people of Beaufort who lived through these times."

We also ate our way around the town...shrimp and cheesy grits, crab cakes, and soft shelled crabs...are some of the specialties.
The shopping is fine too -- enjoyed the shopkeepers as well as the stuff and with two bookstores and a library.

And we got to spend some more landtime with our boat friends, Char and Steve. The more time we spend together the more we realize we have in common. And also able to all chat about our plans and concerns as our sabbaticals come to a close.

Next stop Charleston....

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