Monday, July 14, 2008

Too Damn Hot

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Sunday, July 13

Problems with our AC this afternoon. Pleasantly cooling for awhile and then it shuts off. We are sitting in the van trying to figure out where to go next – yes, we will go north and cool down. It is about 95 degrees out but only cooling into the 80’s in here. I am getting cranky.

Still, coming to Arches National Park in Utah was a good choice. We had been here over ten years ago and remembered it as a favorite. Of course, the local town, Moab has grown and sprawled but we haven’t spent any time there. We tried to locate a restaurant we enjoyed during the late 1990’s (Honest Ozzie’s) but learned that it had been sold years ago and “upgraded” to a fancy dinner place.

Woke early this morning, around 5:30 AM (that was my usual time to get up on workdays but now I usually sleep at least an hour later). It was dark out and windy. Thinking that there might be a slight chill, I opened the van door to a 78 degree breeze. (It hovered around 99 degrees yesterday when we drove through sections of the park.) After morning ablutions and driving into the park and to the trailhead, we started out just before 7 AM. Only a couple of others hikers were out at that time. We hiked the Devil’s Garden trail out to Double O Arch. Graded a “strenuous” hike and described, “the trail becomes more challenging as it climbs over sandstone slabs footing is rocky; there are narrow ledges with exposures to heights.”

It was a challenging hike – very sandy parts, like walking miles on a beach but in hiking boots and carrying a daypack and then some scurrying on what’s aptly termed “slick rock.” Again, the views were worth it. As we approached the end of the trail and the magnificent Double O arch, a foursome of young folk were on their way out and we were graced with our own private arch seats for a breakfast picnic. Oh, and once again hiking out just as the crowds were starting the trail, priceless.


Andrew said...

there's a diner in moab called (appropriately enough) the moab diner. great diner fare. check it out!

Rebecca said...

Those photos look awfully familiar. If it weren't for the ones with you two in them, I might think you just scanned ones from our last trip. I'm sure it's more breathtaking in person though.

Can't wait to see where you end up next.

Barbara said...

Rebecca -- Arches was quite familiar and we do have photos of you and Amanda at one of those Arches.
At least this trip I know what I am getting into when I start a hike.

And Andrew, thanks for the restaurant tip. Only problem is that we had already left the area. I usually draft a blog entry offline and then post when we can get online. Maybe I should write about our plans for the next few stops so that you and others can make suggestions. We are going into Jackson Hole today, will continue to stay in the Grand Teton Natl Park till Monday and then on to Yellowstone.

Andrew said...

I'm totally out of advice for all of those...the moab diner was all I had. I imagined that you guys had probably already left but I gave it a shot just in case. I'm sure you'll stumble on greasy hamburgers and delicious milkshakes at least once along your route.....