Sunday, July 20, 2008


The Tetons, Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks are famous for the abundance of their wildlife including black and brown (grizzly)bears. Lots of warrnings both by sign and in park literature to be cautious, though this time as opposed to years ago the emphasis is on protection of the bears ("a fed bear is a dead bear") rather than in protecting the human population. I guess that makes sense as there are more of us than of them.

But how to protect ourselves?

Mace. This is not your wimpy little 1/2 ounce pocket size type carried by some postal workers.
No, this is the 9 1/2 ounce bear mace cannister requiring some sort of quick draw holster so you can have it out in less than a second when a bear attacks. So as per the literature included with the mace ("you will panic when a bear attacks") I have endeavored to figure out how to carry the mace so it is accessable and then have practiced my quick draw many times. At his point I'm sure I could deploy it in about 30 seconds, enough time for the bear to have lunch and be gone. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Question: What are "Bear Bells"?

"come and get it" call for the bear :-)

Tyler's Dad