Saturday, July 5, 2008

Second-rate Campground BUT First- Rate Times

Alan, and I are sitting in a hippie coffeeshop/internet cafe in Fort Collins, CO (Deja Vu: Haven't you Been Here Before?) -- after going for a morning bike ride. But it is now in the mid-90s so we are computing while sipping very good iced coffee.

The only place we could get reservations for this July 4th weekend doesn't have the amenities that the other KOA --just a few miles away -- has...including wifi.

Odd that this is one area that we get great cellphone coverage (via Sprint) but even with our aircard (Verizon) we can't get online.
So we are doing some catching up. I just posted a few photos.
We went to Whole Foods and stocked up and we will be leaving here soon to go have lunch.

If you have emailed us, you might not hear from us for a few days.
Anything important, please call the cell.

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