Monday, July 7, 2008

Barbara's Next Adventure

OK, all you wonderful readers and, right now, I am especially addressing the fantastic women in my life, all who are adventurous risk-takers in their own inimitable ways and yet keep saying via phone or email -- wow, I wouldn't do that OR that there is nothing to report about my current life in comparison with what you and Alan are doing on your trip. Stop it!
Stop it right now -- and just share what you ARE doing and reading and eating and feeling and thinking.

And know that we are taking some wonderful opportunities to explore regions-- external and internal. And that there are big and little challenges along the way.

Some of our biggest challenges these last few weeks have been how to deal with the blackouts in a certain campground's shower, dealing with the smoke alarm when Alan cooked hamburgers in the Trek, finding something I know I packed, and, of course, learning to pilot my own helicopter!
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Gretchen said...

Thanks for the morning smile. You *are* amazing ;o)

zachslist said...

you look like you are having a great time (I didn't know you had a helicopter pilot's license!)