Friday, July 18, 2008

Time in the Tetons

So we moved on...and are now in Grand Teton Natl Park. Alan and I stayed here for a couple of nights three decades ago (on our post-graduate school trip) and although I recall the peaks, I don't remember the water -- many gorgeous lakes and a river.

Not as hot as Arches -- pleasantly cool mornings and evenings and warm - hot afternoons (in the mid-80's one day, mid-70’s the next).

And like many western areas, there have been a number of differences this season -- from many more mosquitoes (so many that all the campground stores ran out of bug spray -- and they don't know when they will be resupplied!), there is still 50 (yes, 5-0) feet of snow on the northern peaks -- but not here in the lower elevations. And an incredible amount of wildflowers in bloom --including wild lupine, western sunflower, asters, sticky geranium, a western version of indian paintbrush…a wonderful palette of yellows and lavender with some pink and orange.

Without a reservation, I was N-e-r-v-o-u-s that we wouldn't get a campsite (anticipatory lodging anxiety?), it being high season and all. Maybe it's the rising cost of food and fuel which made it easy to get into the campground in the Park. Another nicely situated site.

We arrived late morning yesterday and after getting situated we walked the mile or so over to the nearest visitor's center -- which turns out to be in a complex of buildings/concessions inc. a restaurant, laundry, pay showers, and marina.

A pleasant surprise was a String Quartet playing on the back deck of the visitor's center....part of a series entitled Music in Nature and the musicians part of the Annual Teton Music Festival. They played Hayden's Birds and Mozart's Bees (or is it vice-versa?).

We walked about 6 miles this morning -- I won't call it a hike since it was so leisurely with many stops and comparatively so flat. We strolled around Jackson Lake

Today's Bonus Questions:
Any surprises for you today? What did you listen to and what did you hear?

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