Monday, July 7, 2008

Hobby or Obsession?

A Fort Collins "attraction." Welded creatures -- from insects to dinosaurs, about 100 of them.
So should we check off-- go to a zoo -- from our trip to-do list?

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rissalynn said...

These metal works are fantastic! My boyfriend, Bennie, was facinated by them and thinks we need to plan a trip to see them in person ASAP.

Barbara said...

Some people plan a cross-country trip around a theme. Closest to a theme for us is visiting a variety of National Parks. But there are other types of places we like to explore inc. botanical gardens, outdoor sculpture parks, and bookstores and libraries. Maybe you and Bennie will design a trip around funky sculptures.
I assume that he knows that you need major welding equipment to make these kinds of creatures!