Tuesday, July 29, 2008

7th week on the Road

Greetings to All,

Thanks so much for reading and responding. We enjoy hearing from all via email and blog comments.

We had a great week in Yellowstone -- although I have to admit, it was not my favorite park. I was much more enamored by the less-popular Grand Tetons and also by Rocky Mountain Natl Park.

We are now in Missoula, MT, enjoying a couple of city days including the convenience of getting chores done. I sat in an ac'ed, cushy-couched, wifi-accessible area for two hours yesterday while we waited for our van to get routine maintenance done (oil change, tire rotation, and a good washing!).

We are on our way to Glacier Natl Park and then to the Canadian Rockies -- where we will meet our first visitors. Looking forward to spending time with my brother and sister-in-law. They will stay at Park lodges in Banff and Lake Louise -- while we are parked at campgrounds very close by.

Hoping we get to post some more photos before we move into areas with less communication access.

For those of you interested...I am still very much enjoying my Kindle, the amazon.com ebook reader. I do also read print books as does Alan so there are a number of books stashed in various places onboard. We have been in regions -- whole states like Montana-- where the special whispernet service to download books for the Kindle is not available. A little frustrating. But, of course, I can still use the device to read any books that were already downloaded --and that is quite a few.

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