Monday, July 7, 2008

Them & Us

This is how we compare. Our Trek is parked next to an average-sized rig in the Fort Collins KOA. The vehicle to our right (a 5th wheeler with a number of slide-outs) was towing a small motor boat and was driven by a truck about as long as our van (~ 22 feet).
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LiveWorkDream said...

Just curious, but how come you guys keep staying in KOAs and places like that, when Roadtreks can stay just about anywhere off the beaten path? Big ol' 5ers don't have much of a choice unless their owners are well set up with solar, etc., but you guys can camp out in the boonies and get away from those people. Try it, it's great!

Barbara said...

As I mentioned before, I think we will alternate between more and less primitive places. We are still figuring out the what and how of this travel thing. Inc being self-sufficient and running all on propane and/or generator, etc. We haven't even tried our little shower yet. We have stayed in a couple of places without hookups (both a state and a natl park)and enjoyed our times. (But there were similar issues with folks with bigger rigs and pets/kids -- but no big problems either type of campground). We will be staying in Rocky Mt Natl Park for the next few nights with no hookups or showers.

We are also concerned about staying in contact via cell and/or internet at least 1-2 times a week.

I am interested in your comments and suggestions.