Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Each New Day

"With my base of operations established and having no set schedule or commitments, I slept in a bit the next morning and got up cheerfully anticipating a day of exploration in another new and unknown place. Spreading out the detailed map I had picked up the day before from the tourism people, I studied it as I ate breakfast and found a number of places that caught my interest and sparked anticipation."

Yes, I feel similar on many days. But this was spoken by a fictional character, Maxie McNabb, a 60-something woman traveling around in a 30-foot Minnie Winnie RV. In a series written by prolific mystery author, Sue Henry, the storyline line appears to be semi-autobiographical.

Maxie has Stretch as her companion. I guess some would question if it is easier to travel with a mini-Dachsund like Stretch or with a human male -- I'll say, I 'm happy with my choice!

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Judith said...

Hello Barbara and Allen,

It looks as if you are having fun. I just wanted to say hello.

Continue with the fun,
Judith & Vincent Colombo