Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Quick Hello from Texas

Inaguration day...and I am just going over to the campground cafe to watch all on the TV there.

Very spotty internet and less cell (and none for a few days before)...so, if you haven't heard from us, that's why.

Spent a couple of great days in Big Bend National Park (one of the largest and least visited) -- I'll write more about it and post photos soon.


Anonymous said...


A GREAT day. I have the same optimistic feeling that I had when JFK was inaugurated ... things will work out OK now.

I enjoyed Big Bend. Where are you staying?

Don't mess with the Javalina! They're easy to sneak up on ... don't go there! Not aggressive by nature, startled, their tusks can do a lot of damage and the entire group will attack to defend an individual. They smell like ripe skunk so if you pay attention you're unlikely to stumble onto one.

Thursday & Friday I'll visit Tyler and Charlie. It's been a while. Hope they haven't forgotten what I look like.

Best wishes,

Tyler's dad, Charlie's uncle.

Barbara said...

Yes, it is a great day.

Going in and out of Big Bend...we stayed at a campground in Fort Stockton and then a night in the Rio Grande Campground in the Park. Lovely hiking there.

Saw more javelinas -- tried to get some photos from the van. They all didn't turn out well...but enjoyed seeing them.