Tuesday, January 27, 2009

HOME and Baby, it's cold outside!

Well, what did we expect? As all you northeasterners know...that thermometer hovers around the single digits.

We arrived home on Saturday night. Our house cozy, clean, uncluttered, inviting (thanks, R) and BIG -- compared to living in a 21-foot van for most of our trip.
Sometimes I seem to be wandering from room-to-room.

I digress but -- we did stay a number of nights with friends and family in their lovely spacious houses...and this past Friday night was the only night we stayed in a motel. The vehicle had already been winterized because of the low temps -- and a motel provided more heat and hot showers.

We are really fine -- except for those who might question our mental health for returning at this time of year.
Although our decision seemed abrupt -- and it was spontaneous, like most of our traveling decisions this trip -- it was planned in the larger scheme of things.

We never had a specific date planned to return but we knew that after 6 - 7 months we planned to return home, stay a week or two, and then tow our boat to FL for the next part of the trip...boating in FL and up the ICW (Intracoastal Waterway).
And we have been on the road for over 7 months! Our departure date was way back on June 16.

There seems to be a weather window today for Alan and a friend to try to pull the boat out of its temporary garage before we get more snow.

Be in touch...we'll be here. Either here on the blog, via email (use regular format: BHpurple -- at -- aol -- dot -- com), or if you call the home/Afton office number, you'll get our cell number to reach us.

I'll be spending alot of time indoors -- unpacking and repacking, reading, stretching out while we have the space, visiting with friends, and sitting by the wood fire.

Hugs to all.


Andrew said...

hmm, you should have stayed in california. high temps will be almost 60F today. sunny and beautiful....

Anonymous said...

Welcome home both of you! We're in Portland and it's below 30 and snowing. In the same vein, we've decided to abruptly and spontaneously get back down to southern California for the rest of our trip. 70s and sunny. San Luis Obispo, here we come!

Will you be able to blog about your sea adventures or will wi-fi be a distant memory? This has been such fun, and so inspiring, to read!

Jackie G.

Barbara said...

Andrew -- Yes we do miss the warmer weather but hope to catch some when we take the boat to FL.
I assume that Rebecca enjoyed/is enjoying her winter break.

Barbara said...

Jackie -- It is wonderful to be spontaneous and really choose where you want to be when. And CA offers many wonderful possibilities.

As for blogging on the next leg of our trip...we are planning to. There will times of no service and then marinas/towns that have wifi we'll utilize.

Sharing the trip will continue. It's fun and I am so glad that you enjoy (and are doing a great job on your blog too!).