Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Big Bend -- Hot Springs


The drive in and out was on a narrow, winding road. The sign in the parking lot (about frequent thefts) was not inviting. But during the day, this sunny site of an abandoned hotel/spa, is wonderful. The group of men soaking with Alan included a guy from Montreal, one from Minnesota, another from Alaska.
And this was all on the bank of the Rio Grande. Just across, wading distance, is Mexico.

The story is that a mexican had a snack shack for years on the mexican side...and that he drove there on his mule eight miles each way, each day. But since the big floods that washed through Big Bend this past September, when the Rio rose more than five feet above flood level, and his shack floated off, he hasn't been seen. Yet there is a little set-up of goods on the american side...honor system; a necklace, some rocks, walking sticks, and scorpions crafted from red wire and beads along with a money jar. No one has spied the shack man but the items are replenished and the handprinted sign with pricing renewed.
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