Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bet You Didn't Know...

Bet you didn't know that Wyatt Earp is buried in a Jewish cemetery.

Although Alan went out to lunch with me in the oldest eatery in town and walked the main street, we went separate ways when I put on my tourist shoes in Tombstone, AZ!

I took the town tour trolley and went to the shoot-out at the OK Corral.
The performance was on the level of a high-school play.
Still, I enjoyed...

and later, when I went to the book store and to the Epitaph (reconstructed print shop), I was looking for information about Earp's third "wife" (controversy about if they were married), Josie Marcus. (aside -- Glad we rented the Tombstone DVD before we went to town -- Earp and Marcus were played by Kurt Russell and Dana Delaney.)
And info. about Josie was in a book about Jewish pioneer women. She came from a rich and prominent San Francisco family (of Neiman-Marcus lineage). Maybe one of the reasons I like the story is that Josie and Wyatt were vagabonders! They left Tombstone and traveled the coutry dabbling in various businesses and activities.

If I have whet your interest/curiosity, check out this article for more info.


I'm planning some more tourist attractions tomorrow. Visiting the Queen's Mine in Bisbee, AZ. The old copper mine is 47 degrees inside and one dons hard hat and headlamp to train through the quarter mile or so of the mineral rich underground.

And talking about underground...
yesterday we both spent in the cave at Katchner Caverns, AZ State Park. I did not get to do any crawling; Kartchner is a live and well-protected cave. Guided tours on paved paths only. But definitely worth it with wonderful formations and large open spaces.


Heather J. said...

Speaking of the Copper Mine, go check this out!

Barbara said...

Thanks for the link. That's the tour we went on...I will post photos when we have better internet connection...and, if I can, also link to the Queen Mine site and video.
Thought the tour was one of the best tourist attractions of this trip.