Friday, January 23, 2009

Driving Along...on Friday -Revised

Travelin along, singing a song, side-by-side....on the Music Highway between Memphis and Nashville.

At least we are listening to our IPOD and radio as we wend eastwards.
Billboards proclaiming Jesus' Love across ones advertising Adult Bookstores.
I wonder what we missed, having passed the signs for: Mousetail Landing State Park, the town of Bucksnort, and Miss Marble's Tea Room Antiques.

As I was driving a shift, I thought....hmmm, about this time yesterday I was getting a massage, and now I am part of the trucker traffic on I40. After 11 am with over 1100 miles to go.

The landscape is more similar now to home...barren deciduous trees and evergreens and clouds in the sky. Even when it has been cold during the last couple of weeks, the sky was clear blue with bright sun. Today it morphed to "partly sunny" then "cloudy" and now grey, lifeless drained grey --- guess I'll have to tolerate it for awhile.
The van is winterized and I hope we are too! Retrieved our boots and down jackets from storage. ETA -- probably sunday afternoon.

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