Thursday, January 22, 2009

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas


Yes, the photos in the entry below and these chronicle the bathhouse experience preserved in the traditional way in Hot Springs National Park. A number of rich mineral springs provide the town with 143 degree water which is then cooled for soothing and healing modalities -- bathing and drinking.

An interesting history -- with questions about whether it is the smallest National Park (probably) and if it is the oldest of the parks (maybe -- it was one of the first federally protected lands but its official designation changed years later when it became the 14th National Park.) Along bathhouse row, there are a couple of traditional bathhouses -- like the one pictured -- on contract with the park service to provide services. On the other side of the street are shops and restaurants and more contemporary spas.

I "took to the waters" and had the traditional bath treatment -- soaking in a whirlpool bath, a sitz bath, a steam, hot packs, followed by a "needle-shower" (the weird piped shower in photo) and a massage. All for the sake of research...what a hard life!!
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Diana said...

Your last 4 posts sure do bring back memories of when I was there last spring. Thanks for the great shots.

Barbara said...

Like you, I enjoy chronicling our travels and so many wonderful places to explore.