Thursday, August 14, 2008

Travels in Canada -- and with family

Alan and I started our Canada travels in the northern part of Glacier-Waterton Peace Park (co-owned and managed by USA and Canada -- but with separate fees, facilities, and services) and then met my brother and sister-in-law in Banff. Their hotel was only a half-mile on a nice trail from our campground. After a few enjoyable days, we all then moved on to magical Lake Louise.

The four of us shared many good times -- strolling, hiking, shopping, kayaking, going on a bus tour and seeing a young grizzly bear, touring on (another) gondola including taking an open chairlift down, etc.

We are happy they went home (only kidding) -- because we eat way too good (read: too much) when we are with them! The four of us enjoy chatting and eating, and have an attraction to chocolate desserts...It's been a week of cookies, ice cream, fondue, mousse cake, shakes, and other things sweet and gooey. Now Alan and I have much more hiking to do to counteract some of those calories.

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