Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mellowest of Many Mellow Mornings

The forecast was for another steamy day, so we started out with an early morning hike up Old Fort Point Trail in Jasper. Initially a steep climb including over 150 wood and stone steps to another extraodinary view. The loop took us out on a more gradual descent and we enjoyed chatting with the two Canadian sisters we met on the trail.

We then drove over to a lake -- which turned out to face the Fairmont in Jasper. Spent most of the day at this idyllic spot -- beautiful and uncrowded. Kayaking, picnicking, reading on the shore. Alan went for a swim. And at the end of the day we took a short bike ride around the lake.

What about the bottom photo? Can you see the bugs in the web attached to the tree?

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Lynan said...

That first picture is the most beautiful ever! Thank you for the nice pick me up as I sit in my cubicle and traveling along with you guys!