Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Same Hike, Different Views

Alan and I took an incredible hike in Mt Rainier Natl Park, the Skyline Trail.
We never got to see that mountain because of the intermittent rain, the fog, and clouds.

Only six miles, the trail is graded "strenuous" for a few reasons. It steeply rises and continues to gain 1700 feet in elevation. The surfaces vary from dirt paths to steps to slate, some very uneven parts, and snow in areas.
The views were wonderful -- long views of snow covered mountains, waterfalls, wildflowers and beasts (like that charging marmot -- mentioned in another entry).

Going up the snow covered areas, although a bit slippery, were a bit slushy and maneuverable. Coming down the other side of the mountain, the snow was very slippery, people said it was like skiing without skis so I sledded down on my raincoat!

Here the trail is looking like a stroll in the park. (And in the bottom left hand corner you can see the finger of the amateur photographer who offered to take our picture.)
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