Thursday, August 21, 2008


I just noticed that the Dear Reader website is giving away copies of my books (donated by my publisher.) Know anyone who wants one? If so, see below.

Dear Reader is a great site to learn about new and different books. Once you sign up for a particular category (eg. fiction; nonfiction; business; pre-publication), you are emailed a few pages a day, for five days, of the week's chosen book. Enough to give you a sense of the book. If you are hooked...then you can go get yourself a copy.

Dear Reader Column 08-20-08
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Dear Reader,
If you need a vacation, but can't get out of town I have a gift for you. Two books that will help you relax and wake up feeling so refreshed that you'll think you've been on vacation. Register to win a copy of How to Sleep Soundly Tonight and 365 Ways to Relax, Mind, Body & Soul -- both books by author Barbara L. Heller. I have 6 books to give away. Send me an email and tell me why you need a vacation and I will enter your name in the drawing. Please be sure to include your address. Due to Tropical Storm Fay, I'm not going to be able to send you a response to your email, but I will let you know if you are the winner.

To enter the drawing for the books send an email to me at:
Thanks for reading with me. It's so good to read with friends.
Suzanne Beecher

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