Thursday, August 7, 2008

Afraid of Heights?!

More than creeping around in a cave, I fear heights...I have no attraction to tall ladders (although as long-time readers know, I climbed one way back) nor to ski lifts. Certainly not to gondolas. But sometimes one wants to get where the gondola only flies...and to confront another region of discomfort and to face the challenge. So this is what I did today...notice how much I ended up enjoying it!

Lower terminal is at 5194 feet above sea level and upper terminal at 7486 feet. It takes approx. 8 minutes between terminals -- moving at a maximum of 13.33 feet per second.

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zachslist said...

I got dizzy myself looking at the gondola picture. Haven't kept up with the blog but will scan through. We are out in Montauk, week one of two, very nice weather interrupted a couple of times only by some incredibly beautiful thunderstorms!
Zach, etc.