Friday, August 22, 2008

A City Day is A Foodie Day

First nice weather day in awhile. I got a bunch of paperwork, van organizing, reading, and essay writing accomplished over the last few rainy days. Arrived in Tacoma area (outside Seattle) yesterday and today we left our Trek at the campground and took public transport into downtown Seattle. We walked around the waterfront and the great market of seafood, flowers, and crafts. Most pleasing was finding and eating at a place we had been to on our first trip here, about ten years ago, The Crab Pot. Of course, we ordered crab -- Alaskan, King, and Dungeness. Tables are covered with waxed paper, the servers tie large bibs around your neck, and each diner is given a wooden board and mallet. When the server brings the food to the table, they ceremoniously dump it on the table -- ours mixed with small pieces of corn on the cob and steamed potatoes. Also little cups filled with melted butter for the fish and a half loaf of sourdough bread. You have to really enjoy playing with your food, which we do and DID! I wish I took a photo of the spread like many other patrons did -- so I could share it with you. A picture IS worth a thousand words -- but it won't fill your stomach.

And before we came back to our campground we shared a cupcake-sized chocolate-peanut butter cheesecake followed by a magnificent hazelnut gelato.

We better get out our bikes and exercise more tomorrow. Seattle is too seductive!

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