Saturday, June 21, 2008


So I forgot...on the drive across South Dakota we made 3 stops.
First, the falls that give the city of Sioux Falls its name, which are right in the city. We were there at 8 AM. Mostly deserted, very pretty in the bright low angle morning light - has a paved bicycle path that runs around the whole city. We just took time for a short stroll. Also went past the stockyards- what a stink and there weren't even any animals there.
The Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD just off I-90. An over hyped building decorated both inside and out with corn. We were told by our daughter it would be a disappointment but because we were told, it wasn't - just a goof. Turns out its been around since forever - another roadside attraction.
And lastly, Kadoka, a very depressed and depressing midwest farm town where we stopped for groceries. The midwest's version of a post-industrial upstate NY town.
(Barbara's note: I stopped in the Jackson Co Library on the main street of Kadoka. The male librarian didn't look up or speak when I entered. The place smelled of cigarette smoke. The best feature was the wood-draw card catalog).

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