Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Ascent


after four hours in the cave!
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Barbara, I'm very proud of you. Those 10 inch clearance things would be very scary, I think. Did they limit the size of people that could go on the tour? I can think of people who might not "fit."

I love all your posts.

Barbara said...

Yes, they do sometimes limit the size of folks on the tour -- but they do it by measuring the shoulder width by string and then showing the person in question the actual size space they will have to maneuver through, compared with the length of the string. Smart but large folks often opt out at that point.

The 10" crawl was not the scariest or hardest part in the cave. Their instructions were quite clear on how to do it-- lay on your back, shimmy through, and look up as you approach the lowest point -- to get through you must turn your head to the side, otherwise your head/helmet with its lights gets stuck.

There were many places in the cave that various people bunked their heads, legs, and other body parts. The helmets and knee pads (which felt awkward)supplied good padding.