Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We're On the Road Again

Third day.
Camping in a Wisconsin State Park, approx. 30 miles from Madison.

It's been 5-state day (from Ohio, where we spent last night, through Indiana, into Michigan, then Illinois -- with a lovely stop in Oak Park, area of Frank Lloyd Wright museum and homes he designed -- into Wisconsin.)


LiveWorkDream said...

If you go toward Eau Claire, check out Harstad County Park. Great boondocking, realllly cheap! We loved it there.

rissalynn said...

Im sad that I did not get a chance to visit you both before you left for your journey! We've all been so busy.
If you have taken any, I would love to see any pictures you have taken of the Wright museum!

Diane said...

Love the blog....feel Like I'm right there with you!